The Great Cyclops Prophecy

Part 1 of the Prophecy:

Horgath, a very rare Great Cyclops, disclosed the following prophecy to the party after they discovered him being held captive below a temple ruin.  Horgath explained that all of his visions were incomplete, with the rest of the vision being held by his twin brother.  He also stated his twin was not as nice as he was.

The actual prophecy is as follows:

The End shall be signaled by a harbinger of doom

Which races across the sky leaving a dark trail of gloom.

Ancient towering stones proudly reaching towards the sun

Shall be toppled to the ground, their protective might undone.

Then the blood of a celestial, bound to this earth

Shall slowly seep away, allowing the wicked ones to issue forth.

Part 2 of the prophecy:

Horgath's twin brother provided the second part of the prophecy after the party was able to reverse the curse of the Rock Forest.

As the blood slowly drains and mages lose control,
the wicked ones will all awaken, but their prison still will hold.
The Towers all have fallen, but the Temple still remains
It’s holy power, holding the evil ones at bay.
But when the blood runs dry, destruction falls to the Earth
Annihilating the Temple, shattering the final bonds.
Death and ruin will follow, as they emerge from the deep.
And as their goal….the end of every race.
Mighty heroes will rise, in an attempt to thwart the tide
But their efforts will be in vain, leading only to death.
The only hope is found where first it is sought,
But it will not be delivered until possibly too late.

The Great Cyclops Prophecy

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