From the tribe of storm riders. 18 years, stands at 5' 8", 170 pounds. Black hair and eyes. Brown skin. Class druid. Neutal.


druid, hide armor, uses a club and a sling,


Yakub was fond of nature. I would volunteer to go on scouting missions with our Muktashif, Darwish longeye, It was good to explore the desert and he knew all kind of animals and plants. Later I would venture out in the desert at night with my friend Myriam to explore, we would encounter animals, vermin and lone plants. Most of the animals were friendly to us, Yakub always wanted to know what the various plants were at the watering holes. Yakub is friends with the diviner, Ghalib. Ghalib would share what knowledge he knew. While exploring the desert, Myriam and i met a few others with the same interest. They called themselves druids. There was and arch druid named abdul alhazed, he showed us the different types of plants and fungi that we could use to communicate with our nature gods, and the gods would bless us afterwards with gifts (spells) and how to communicate with animal and plants. Abdul alhazed taught us about the caves and what can be found inside them. He taught us a language that we can communicate with others like us. One night Myriam and I were headed to the nyabinghi, we were ambushed by some skulls. We fought back. Luckily Darwish longeye was following, he was able to fend them off. but in the confusion, the ones that survived were able to take Myriam with them. They some how disappeared, darwish longeye was later able to pick up their trail. We found them dead, there was no sign of Myraim, Darwish longeye did not know what happened to her. I later asked ghalib, and he did not know. So one day I will find out what happened to her.


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