Kadin, the Bull


Kadin is the chief bodyguard of Ahmar-Harat, the Seventh Son of Faidh Tariq, the Seventh Son of Emir Nasib Tariq.

Kadin was a low born who has risen highly in his years. He was an orphan who ran the streets of Dunya, relying on his wits to survive. At the tender age of 14, he enlisted in the war with Celedon and managed to save a high ranking officer in the Battle of Tabouk. After this incident, he gained the interest of the Emir and was brought into his household to be trained with his guards and at times, his children.

Although he has no known family name, he is called the Bull by everyone who knows him. Not for his Bull-like strength, but rather his bull-headed stubbornness in doing what is right. After several years of adventuring, he returned to the guards and was later given the position of bodyguard to the Seventh Son, Faidh Tariq. Later, after Faidh’s wife gave birth to the Seventh Son of the Seventh Son, Ahmar-Harat, he was assigned as the bodyguard to Ahmar-Harat, a position of supreme importance.


The party met Kadin when they came upon Ahmar-Harat alone. Amar-Harat had somehow run away from Kadin and was sitting peacefully in the desert counting the grains of sand. The party notified the searching party nearby who was led by Kadin.

Kadin, the Bull

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