The Gods of the Badawi

The Badawi Understanding of the  Gods of Alyssia


The Badawi view the common gods differently than the majority of Alyssia does.  Their view is discussed below:

Belin:  Belin is a favored god of the Badawi, although there is some confusion regarding his worship.  This is easy to see as the Badawi see the sun as the most powerful thing in the universe.  As to the confusion, many of the Badawi view Belin as the same as Molach.  Both are sun gods and they are basically identical in powers.  However, the Qhatan view Belin as a false god and are adamant about this.

Andura:  The Badawi have very little concern for Andura.  She is not a very popular god in Falak (with the exception of the rural areas near the cities), but is not much more than an afterthought with the Badawi.  Andura is a god for women and the Fadhari (City Dwellers), not for Badawi.

Chellos:  Chellos is a fairly popular deity in the desert.  Each Badawi is accustomed to Death.  Although Chellos is depicted as evil by most holy books, many neutral and even some good Badawi worship him or at least give reverence to him.

Diakris:  The Badawi have a great deal of respect for Diakris.  He is the Lion and Lions are powerful and respected, even in the desert.  Additionally, all but a few of the Badawi respect order.  They follow the same nomadic patterns in order to find water and only live because of this orderly pattern.  When one well dries up, they trust the order of nature to ensure the next one will be full.

Pelbian:  Pelbian is the second most popular deity to the Badawi.  Even though the Badawi raise domesticated animals, they see themselves as hunters, first and foremost. 

Ferian:  There isn’t a Badawi alive who would curse Ferian. Water is life, and Ferian is water.  Even the chaotic Storm Riders wouldn’t deny her.  She is loved by all and almost every watering hole in the desert is dedicated to her.  Further, her lawful nature is appealing to the Badawi as described above.  As with all of Falak, Ferian is the most popular deity with the Badawi.

Nobnar:  For the most part, the Badawi see Nobnar as a weak and ineffectual god.  Storms are rare in the desert.  The biggest threat is a sand storm, but the sand storms are seen as the work of the desert gods (see below).   Only the Storm Riders worship him to some degree, although it is more for his chaotic nature than his storms.

Jaydal:  The Badawi love power and some choose to worship this god of power.  Like with Chellos, many neutral Badawi worship him.  He is very popular with The Skulls.

Veronus:  Veronus is very popular with the Storm Riders and less so with The Skulls.  Those who worship him are almost exclusively evil and love the random element of destruction.

Taryn:  The Badawi acknowledge Taryn, but few worship him.  Some see him as one of the many desert gods.  The Dragons or Tah-neen see him as a misunderstood god.

Missing God:  The Missing God is completely ignored by the Badawi.  To hear a Badawi speak, there is no missing god, only the desert gods who have lost their names.

Coravon:  Coravon is also seen as one of the desert gods.  The name Coravon is not in the Badawi language.

Malum:  When Emir Akmal Tariq required his subject to worship Malum, he also tried to conscript fighters from the Badawi.  The Badawi now see Malum in the same light as Emir Akmal Tariq.  Both are viewed with revulsion.

Unique Badawi' Gods



Molach is depicted as a powerful man with a bulls head.  He wears no armor and is ALWAYS depicted with an image of the sun.  He is considered by the Badawi as the most ancient of all gods and the creator of Alyssia.  According to the Holy Ones (Qhatan), Molach is the ONLY god.

Alignment: Good

Domains: Artifice, Fire, Good, Healing, Protection, Strength & Sun.

Followers: Molach is only worshipped by the Badawi and a few city dwellers.  In the city of Furat, there is a thriving cult of Molach.  Of course the Holy Ones all worship Molach.

Holy Symbol: Sun

Holy Day: Belintine 21

High Temple: The desert is the High Temple of Molach.

Favorite Weapon: Khopesh.

A' Thasin:

A' Thasin is depicted as a tall, heavily armored individual. He wields powerful, ancient weapons and represents all that is evil in Alyssia.  He seeks to destroy the creation of Molach.  His ultimate goal is the destruction of the world. 

Alignment: Evil

Domains: Not applicable.

Followers: No one truly worships A' Thasin, as his goal is the destruction of the world and everyone in it.  However, on occasion, a demented or insane person will embrace A' Thasin with the purpose of bringing about the destruction of Alyssia and everyone in it, including himself/herself.

Holy Symbol: None known.

Holy Day: None known.

High Temple: None.

Favorite Weapon: None known.

Great Wyrm Khoth:

The Great Wyrm Khoth is described as an ancient brass dragon.  His worshippers believe he is much more than a regular dragon and he has been worshipped for thousands of years. 

Alignment: Good

Domains: Air, Charm, Fire, Good, & Weather.

Followers: Few people outside the Badawi view the Great Wyrm Khoth as a god, or have even heard of Khoth.  In fact, to many of the Badawi, he is just an ancient dragon.  But to his followers, he grants powers of spells just like any other god.

Holy Symbol: Brass Dragon.

Holy Day: None.

High Temple: None.

Favorite Weapon: Claw.

Desert Gods

The Badawi recognize a conglomerate of what could be classified as demi-gods.  They claim there are hundreds of these gods and they have existed in the desert since the beginning of time.  Their names have long been lost with the passage of time, but the Badawi still worship and pay reverence to these otherwise long forgotten gods.  They are not called upon by name, but rather by the term Desert gods.  For a more practical purpose, they could be broken into three different categories:  Good desert gods; Neutral desert gods; and Evil desert gods.  However, a cleric of the good desert gods would never call them "good" desert gods….they are just desert gods.  Most of the events that happen strictly in the desert are attributed to these gods.  

Good Desert Gods

Alignment: good

Domains: Air, Earth, Good, Liberation, Protection & Sun.

Followers: Almost all the Badawi give reverence to the desert gods.  They are known by the city dwellers of Falak, but rarely worshipped.  They are virtually unknown outside of Falak.

Holy Symbol: Date palm.

Holy Day: None known.

High Temple: None.

Favorite Weapon:  Scimitar

Neutral Desert Gods

Alignment: neutral

Domains: Air, Community, Fire, Knowledge, Luck & Travel.

Followers: Almost all the Badawi give reverence to the desert gods.  They are known by the city dwellers of Falak, but rarely worshipped.  They are virtually unknown outside of Falak.

Holy Symbol: A camel.

Holy Day: None known.

High Temple: None.

Favorite Weapon:  Short bow

Evil Desert Gods

Alignment: evil

Domains: Darkness, Evil, Fire, Repose, Rune, & War.

Followers: Almost all the Badawi give reverence to the desert gods.  They are known by the city dwellers of Falak, but rarely worshipped.  They are virtually unknown outside of Falak.

Holy Symbol: black monolith.

Holy Day: None known.

High Temple: None.

Favorite Weapon:  Falchion

The Gods of the Badawi

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