In Game Documents

I.  Letter Found on Algorin, the Kobold Squad Leader in the Caverns Beneath Carmona


Do your best to aid Basimere.  I do not trust these ragged people, but Imbros has commanded this and, at least for the time being, we have no choice.  The only good part is Basimere speaks our noble tongue.

Basimere will guide you to the upper tunnels and provide a means to get up there.  I’ve been told the ruins are full of treasure, so be sure to gather what you can – it is our payment for this venture.  However, avoid the burial grounds.  Even though I have heard the greatest treasure lies there, Imbros says the dead in Carmona refuse to stay dead.

Be careful with the dragonfire.  We don’t want another incident like what happened to Drurk and his squad, and you will be carrying 10 times the amount he carried on his ill-fated journey.

Lastly, try to avoid Llygad (this is the draconic word for eye, but it is accented as a proper name would be).  He will only be there a few days, so it is best if you avoid him completely.  If he is angered, he could easily destroy your entire company with ease. Even Imbros avoids his wrath…you should do the same.

If you perform as I know you can, Imbros says we can aid him with the next tall-stone.  I don’t have to explain to you how important this is.

Bring glory to our clan!

Zarrid Flamemaster

II.  Letter Found on Dead Body


You will find the item at Ahmad’s Antiquities in Dunya.  Purchase an Alabaster Shedu and it will hold the answer.   Once you have retrieved the item, sell it to Ahmad. 

The end draws nigh.


Disciple of Destruction


III.  Letter Found on Man with Dog:

Gray Fox,

Ahmad has outlived his usefulness.  Kill him and his bodyguards.  Destroy the shop.

The end draws nigh.


Disciple of Destruction

IV.  Letter found on Gnoll leader (translated from gnollish):


Follow the skinny man's orders.  He will provide a key for the chest when you complete the task.  I have been told there will be few guards.  Leave the fat man alive and any he protects.

Coreag, Lord of the Carrion

V. Documents found in the Palace in the Rock Forest:

Letter found by the Dragon Slayer:

Barius controls the key to reversing the process.  I have procured this sword that will help destroy him, but my men have all succumbed to the curse.  I have created several potions to allow someone to breath underwater.  If anyone finds this soon, seek the diamond in the Green lake.

Petrified Journal:

Front of Journal:

"Protection Against theUpcoming Disaster"

Opened page (these notes are clearly written at different times):

gone horribly wrong.  Stone is overcoming all living matter.  It appears that animals survive the transformation, although the process seems painful.  Additionally, these animals seem to become very agressive.

The stone covering seems to provide some protection for the animals, making them very hard to kill.  This is further complicated as the curse is beginning to overcome my men.  However, I have noticed that a couple of my men are reacting similar to the animals. 

It has become clear that my men who have an evil disposition are still able to manuever, despite the painful stone transformation.  This seems to be similar to the animals reaction.  I have reviewed all my calculations and still can't ascertain what has gone wrong with the spell.  

Despite all my magic, I am slowly becoming stone.  I have removed all of the palace's defenses and hope someone will come to my aid soon.  I know my time is coming short.

Sadly, I believe I have only a few minutes before I succomb, so I will hastily try to write my latest discovery.  It appears Hamir has replace the pure diamond with a malevolant one.  He is such a fool.  To make matters worse, he has undergone the transformation and is now a formidable foe, his evil heart keeping him from becoming stone.  Nevertheless, he is not foolish enough to try to contend with me and he has fled the Palace.  I believe Barius must have corrupted him and supplied the tainted gem.  It was a mistake to allow Barius to live, but I believed he could be rehabilitated and would make a powerful ally in the days to come.  I have placed a weapon which should aid in defeating him.  Sadly, his greed has turned into

In Game Documents

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