Corresponding Month

Weather Type in Falak City/Desert*

Holy Day Festival Description
Chellosine January

Mild winter

Hi: 70; Low: 43/Hi: 83; Low: 45

Chellosine 17: Day of the Dead Celebrates the dead and honors ancestors.  Costume parties are common and children love the holiday.  Acts of mischief are common.  Some see this day as an evil holiday. It initially was a holy day for Chellos, but is now more seen as a non-religious day
Cordine February

Mild Winter

Hi: 70; Low: 46/Hi: 88; Low: 47

Cordine 15 Finder's Day Celebrates the rediscovery of Allysia.  Not a very popular holiday in Falak.  Cordine 20 is rumored to be Malum's Holy Day
Nobnarine March

Storms on the coast

Hi: 77; Low: 52/ Hi: 95; Low: 59

Nobnarine 8 Festival of Storms Holy Day of Nobnar.  It is a festival of storms and chaos.  Very important holy day in Reaches and the Islands.
Ferine April

Light Rain near the cities

Hi: 81; Low: 55/ Hi: 98; Low: 73

Ferine 19  Festival of Growth Holy Day of Ferian.  Festival of love and beginnings.  Celebrates the planting of crops also.  This is the most important holy day in Falak.
Diakrine May Hi: 84; Low: 59/Hi: 104; Low: 83 Diakrine 1  Festival of Birth Diakris' Holy Day.  Huge Feast.  Many marriages take place on this day.
Belintine June

Summer begins. 

Hi: 95; Low: 67/Hi: 109; Low: 92

Belintine 21  Summer Solstice Belin's Holy Day and/or Molach's Holy Day.  Celebration with fireworks
Tarine July

Summer.  Very Hot.

Hi: 100; Low: 77/Hi: 115; Low: 97

Tarine 10.  Saints' Day Celebrates Heroes of old.  Taryn's Holy Day
Aldrine August

Summer.  Very Hot.

Hi: 100; Low: 77/Hi: 115; Low: 95

No Holy Days Aldrine 18 rumored to be Veronus' Holy Day
Andurtine September

Fall Begins.

Hi: 91; Low: 66/Hi: 110; Low: 89

Andurtine 28 Harvest Festival Large Feast marks this day of the harvest.  Andura's Holy Day
Pelbintine October


Hi: 84; Low: 61/Hi: 100; Low: 75

Pelbintine 23: Day of the Hunt A feast marks this day, but it is a feast of the hunt rather than the harvest.  Pelbian's Holy Day
Hegeline November Hi: 73; Low: 52/Hi: 96; Low: 67 No Holy Days Hegeline 5 is rumored to be Jaydal's Holy Day.
Oberine December

Winter Begins

Hi: 68; Low: 46/Hi: 87; Low: 49

Oberine 20  Winter Solstice Celebration of the coming of winter.  A time of preparation.  Holy Day for Coravan and The Missing God

Each month has 30 days.  The campaign begins Diakrine 1, 1095 NCR** (New Celedon Reckoning).  When the New Celedonian Calendar was accepted in 138 NCR, year 1 corresponded to the foundation of New Celedon by Prince Macon Hegelyn. 

*Average monthly temperatures are listed.  Both Dunya and Furat have similar temperatures with Dunya usually being about 5 degrees lower than Furat in the Summer and about 5 degrees higher in the winter.

**Interesting note:  Although the designation NCR is accepted throughout Alyssia, Falak refuses to use the term and instead uses the designation AR (After the Return).


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