Badawi Culture

"When you sleep in a house, your thoughts are as high as the ceiling.  When you sleep outside, they are as high as the stars."                                  Badawi Proverb.

The Badawi way of life is very different than any other culture found in Alyssia.  The Badawi view almost everything differently.   Life is suffering and death is an eventuality.  Neither is good or bad.  Honor drives the Badawi, but it is a desert sense of honor that they embrace.  A slight insult can easily end with the shedding of blood.  A brother is honor bound to aid his brother.  A tribesman is honor bound to aid a fellow tribesman. 

In order to understand more about their way of life, it is helpful to review the following.

  1. Language
  2. Leaders
  3. Religion
  4. Customs
  5. Laws
  6. Important Badawi Words

Badawi Culture

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