Torin of Celedon



Torin is a likable aging warrior who travels with the Mutar. He is originally from Lordale, Celedon and actually fought on the side of Celedon in the war. In that war, he was left for dead in the Battle of Tabouk and was rescued by the Qhadin of the Mutar tribe, who saw something in him. The Mutar adopted Torin and he has traveled with them ever since.

He is big man with a bushy red beard. He is very gregarious and knows the customs of the Badawi like one born into the tribes.


The party met Torin while staying in the Sadira Valley with the Badawi. Although they initially liked him, when he broke the laws of the valley in order to save the party, he earned their lasting respect. Apparently, he was given some prior notice of the attack upon the party and raced to save them. However, it was his refusal to provide the name of the person who gave him this information to the Council of Qhadin the resulted him in being exiled from the Badawi tribes. Now he is alone in the desert without a family.

Torin of Celedon

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