Al’Khoth – Human Paladin lv1

Alignment: Lawful Good Size: Medium Gender: Male
6’ 5", 235 lb., Age: 18
Eyes: Fire, Hair: White, Skin: Bronzed
Deity: Khoth, Homeland: Tah-neen

Land Speed: 20 ft. / round (red.)
HP: 13

Str 16, Dex 14 , Con 14, Int 12, Wis 10, Cha 14

Fort +4, Reflex +2, Will +2

AC Normal : 17
AC Touch : 12
AC Flat-Footed: 15
Armor : Scale Mail (AC +5, max dex +3, pen. -4, 30 lb.)

BAB: +1 Initiative: 2 CMB: +3 CMD: 15

  • Greatsword (x1, 8 lb.)
  • Scale Mail (x1, 30 lb.)
  • Javelin (x1, 2 lb.)
  • Javelin (x1, 2 lb.)
  • Javelin (x1, 2 lb.)

Light Load : 58 lb.
Medium Load: 116 lb.
Heavy Load : 175 lb.


Diplomacy +11
Knowledge (religion) +5
Perform (sing) +8

Class Features / Racial Traits

  • Aura of Good (Ex)
  • Bonus Feat
  • Detect Evil (Sp)
  • Languages
  • Martial Weapon Proficiency (all)
  • Skilled
  • Smite Evil 1/day (Su)


  • Armor Proficiency, Heavy
  • Armor Proficiency, Light
  • Armor Proficiency, Medium
  • Power Attack
  • Shield Proficiency
  • Simple Weapon Proficiency
  • Skill Focus (Diplomacy)

Common, Draconic

Trait – Magical Knack (Sorcerer)


Al’Khoth is a human paladin of the great dragon god Khoth. Standing 6’5” and weighing in at around 200 pounds, he is an impressive sight, with his glittering gold scale mail and large greatsword strapped to his back. Aside from his armor and weapon, the paladin travels lightly, wearing loose-fitting white robes and keffieh. He prominently displays his silver-inlaid, bone holy symbol shaped into the form of a coiled dragon.

Though he is clearly human, there is evidence that his tribe’s claims that he is blessed by his draconic god may be true. His eyes are dark, but a light, like a burning ember shines out from the pupils. His skin is bronzed and in some areas, appears to have a scaly quality to it. His hands, too, are unusual – the fingernails thick and strong – almost like claws. Perhaps more noticeable of all is a bony crest, which does not appear to be fully formed, that is very similar to those of certain dragons. A white mane of hair falls loosely around his face, where his headgear does not cover it.

His voice is rich and deep, like the purring of a great lion. He has spent countless hours in prayer, study, meditation and song and has developed into a convincing speaker and talented singer.


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