Ahmar-Harat Tariq is the Seventh Son of Faidh Tariq who is the Seventh Son of Emir Nasib Tariq. His name is unusual as it means “Red Hart”, but many believe he was named after an adventuring group who aided his father while he was imprisoned in Celedon.

The Seventh Son of a Seventh Son is an auspicious title and a thing of legend. It is said that a Seventh Son will come around only in the times of greatest need. Legend tells of one who came at the time of the First War of the Heavens and was instrumental in saving Falak from destruction. When Ahmar-Harat was born, his birth was celebrated as a miracle and he is the best known celebrity in all of Falak. When the black comet made it’s appearance, with all the attending prophecies of doom, the entire populace of Falak took solace in the fact that their savior had already been born. Clearly it was Ahmar-Harat’s destiny to save Falak.

What isn’t known to the general populace, is that Ahmar-Harat is not a normal child. He is withdrawn and is unwilling to make eye contact with others. He doesn’t interact well with others and often ignores others around him. At times, he reacts unusually to sounds and smells. But he is also a very smart child who will often spend time counting items over and over. He especially enjoys watching the soldiers spar in the yard.


The party found Ahmar-Harat in the desert counting grains of sand. They helped his guards recover him and Kadin, his bodyguard, swore the party to remain silent about his unusual behavior.


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